Mixed Sashimi Pack


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This Mix Sashimi pack contains the most premium cuts of Atlantic Salmon, Hiramasa Kingfish, and Wild Tuna (Bluefin of Yellowfin depending on what is available on the day). Perfect for those who love their seafood as natural as possible. Thinly sliced by our passionate filleters. Great for enjoying with a group of friends or simply to yourself. 


Small - $35.99 per box (recommended 2 - 3 people)

  • Salmon (Tassal) x 150g
  • Tuna sashimi x 150g
  • Hiramasa kingfish sashimi x 150g

Large - $59.99 per box (recommended 3 - 4 people)

  • Salmon (Tassal) x 250g
  • Tuna sashimi x 250g
  • Hiramasa kingfish sashimi x 250g

Large - $79.99 per box (recommended 5 - 8 people)

  • Salmon (Tassal) x 350g
  • Tuna sashimi x 350g
  • Hiramasa kingfish sashimi x 350g